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Harley 12v volt Generator cycle electric voltage regulator

Cycle Electric

$ 165.00

Cycle Electric CE-540 End bell regulator is hands down the industry leading product for your old generator. Bolts up to your 12 volt 65a generator. Simplifying your wiring from several wires down to a single wire, losing your old bulky regulator and making a clean looking installation. The housing of the CE-540 is a structural part of the generator containing one of the armature bearings keeping the overall length stock.. The regulator controls voltage and limits current (amps). The current limiting circuit senses armature temperature and limits the current in an inverse proportion. Temperature goes up, amps go down. This gives you more amps after a cold start to recharge your battery faster (5 minutes instead of 20). Yet protect against over heating (armature burn out). Proudly made in the USA.

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