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James Harley 4 speed transmission gasket & seal kit - big twin

James Gaskets

$ 39.00

Made in USA.


USED ON: 1936-1986
MODELS: All 4-Speed Transmissions

Covers 50 Years of 4-Speed

Gaskets for Hand and Foot Shift Transmission Top Covers, Plus
All Sturgis Model Gaskets are included.

1ea O-ring, rocker cover

1ea o-ring counter shaft

1ea o-ring main drive spacer

2ea o-ring starter motor

1ea oil seal main drive gear end

1ea oil seal clutch hub nut

1ea washer generator gear stud red

1ea gasket starter cover sturgis

1ea gasket starter housing

1ea oil seal starter shaft

1ea seal starter crankshaft kick

1ea gasket shift cover 4-speed

1ea gasket trannmission end cover

2ea seal trans shifter fork shaft

1ea gasket trans shifter assembly

1ea gasket trans shifter plate

1ea gasket trans top cover  -36

1ea gasket trans top cover -79

1ea drive gear key

1ea lock plate main drive gear

1ea oil seal trans main drive gear

1ea washer trannsmission cork

1ea gasket speedometer hole cover

1ea gasket trans counter plate

1ea gasket trans cover plug

1ea lock plate clutch hub nut

1ea key clutch hub to main shaft

1ea oil seal main drive gear metal

1ea oil seal main drive gear rubber

1ea oil deflector plate

1ea gasket starter housing

1ea quad seal solenoid

1ea washer drain plug brass

1ea gasket speedometer plug -36

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