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Polished Centerline adjustable aluminum transmission plate - Harley big twin 4 speed


$ 285.00

Polished finOld-Stf Centerline aluminum adjustable 4 speed transmission mounting plate. Fits 1936-86 big twin 4 speed transmissions including aftermarket 6 speed in a 4 case transmissions. Fits both early and late big twin frames from 1936-84 and *most aftermarket frames. Easy to use centerline pull & push adjustment bolt allows for an even, straight precision alignment to your primary and final drive, eliminating the old offset adjuster that twists your transmission out of alignment and or often breaks. Offers 3/8" additional adjustment over stock allowing for unique primary or big belt drives. Accessory mounting ear can be used for your fender, brake line switch, oil filter etc. 2lbs lighter than stock and made in the USA. 1lb 6oz. 6061-T6. 9.125" x 4" x .495"

Fitment Notes:

+.125" forward, +.250" back additional adjustment is subject to frame clearance.

*Most aftermarket frames have a oem style rear plate mount, However a garage built hardtail frame may have a solid one piece rear mount that will not work with this plate. A minimum rear underside clearance of 1/4" (6.35mm) is required for fitment (see photo).

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